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Vitamins + Betaine Premix

This superb new ‘heat stable’ bait additive is purpose-made for adding to recreational fishing baits to provide the recipient fish with valuable vitamins and other key nutrients. By just adding a small amount to your custom-made baits you can ensure all fish that eat them benefit from the health-promoting vitamins they may be deficient of in their natural environment.

Vitamins + Betaine Premix Properties

  • Fine beige powder, largely free from aroma

  • Adds valuable vitamins, nutrients + betaine

  • Supplies Vit A: 0.8 MUI/Kg, Vit C: 9000 mg/Kg,

Vit D3: 0.14 MUI/Kg, Vit E: 21700 UI/Kg. 20% Betaine.

  • Very heat stable - superb in both ‘raw’ & cooked baits

  • Makes YOUR bait more nutritionally attractive

  • Excellent for adding to boilie mixes and loose feeds

  • A watery brown colour means it won’t taint ‘hi viz’ baits

  • 60% soluble in 20°c water. Approx. 15% sugar, <1% fat.

  • Recommended boilie inclusion level = Up to 1% (10g/kg)


Use at up to 10g/kg in boilie mixes and loose feed mixes.

This product can be partially dissolved in warm water or water-based liquids and then used as a free bait or hookbait-coating liquid attractant.

Include in hookbait mixes at up to 2g/egg and when cooking particles at up to 20g/kg.

Customer guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.

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