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As with all great CC Moore fruit flavours, Ultra Blackcurrant Essence has been selected from a large number of samples to ensure we selected the very best version of this distinctive fruit flavour. As well as delivering a beautifully rounded aroma to baits it also adds a quite fantastic taste which stimulates fish to feed by releasing potent fruit esters into the water column.

This awesome fruit flavour makes a great option as a hookbait or boilie flavour but can also be used the cooking process of particles and within liquid foods that are to be applied to pellet, stick, method and spod mixes.


Ultra Blackcurrant Essence is an extremely effective hookbait flavour and can be used alone at up to 10ml per egg.

For food bait recipes this flavour can be included alone at up to 10ml/kg dry mix but is also extremely effective when used at 4ml/kg in conjunction with Ultra Scopex Essence at 8ml/kg.

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