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Fishing Baits Technical Information

Whilst it is by no means essential we strongly feel that a sound understanding of the basics of animal nutrition can only serve to help anglers understand why baits are attractive to fish and can be of nutritional benefit to them. After all is said and done, the preservation and development of the species we fish for is of paramount importance to the survival of our beloved sport.

This new section of our site is designed to stimulate thought, innovation and progress within our sport. In the past 10 years within carp angling, bait development has been very much lost to the everyday angler and has been largely entrusted to the bait companies and 'bait buffs' amongst us.

With a little imagination and the basics of the information provided in this section, nutritious and attractive baits can easily be formulated. Whether you are a beginner or expert in bait production, there can be few more rewarding moments than when your own homemade (or self-formulated) bait screams off in the mouth of a specimen fish!

Please use the details below and contact us if you require any further information. We can't promise to give you all of our secrets but will help you all we can with nutritional specifications, functional properties and other relevant details.

Useful ingredient details at a glance!

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Ingredient Ingredient Type Ingredient Ingredient Type
Acid Casein 90 Mesh Semi-soluble milk protein Moore's C.L.O. Egg/seed meal with Cod Liver Oil
Blue Cheese Powder Soluble additive Pre-Digested Fish Meal Soluble, high protein fine meal
Blood Plasma Soluble, binder/hardener Purified Blood Powder Binding, sticky fine powder
Calcium Caseinate Soluble milk protein Roasted Peanut Meal Sweet, fine, oily nut meal
Cork Dust Pop Up Mix ingredient Rennet Casein 90 Mesh Semi-soluble milk protein
Crunchy Kelp Meal Coarse, texture adding meal Robin Red Haith's non-soluble bird food
Egg Albumen Soluble, binder/hardener Sardine/Anchovy Fish Meal Insoluble, dark fish meal
Fine Oyster Shell Coarse, texture adding grit Semolina Insoluble, bulk meal
Herring Meal Insouble, mid temperature meal Soya Flour Insoluble, binding bulk flour
Krill Meal Insoluble, pungent, very bouyant meal Supergold 60 Insoluble, bulk meal
Lactalbumen Soluble, hardening milk protein Tiger Nut Flour Insoluble, fine bulk meal
Lamlac Soluble, skimmed milk powder Vanilla Extract Meal Insoluble, creamy bulk meal
Limestone Flour Very heavy calcium provider Vitamealo Milk Powder Soluble skimmed milk powder
LT94 Fish Meal Insoluble, low temperature fish meal Wheatgerm Very light, fine flaked meal
Maize Flour Insoluble, bulk flour Wheat Gluten Binding flour (rubbery finish)
Maize Meal Insoluble, bulk meal Whey Gel Soluble, hardening milk protein
Meggablend Insoluble, 'firming' egg/seed meal Whey Protein Conc. 80% Soluble, hardening milk protein
Meggablend Red Insoluble, 'firming' red egg/seed meal    
Meggablend Sweet Insoluble, 'firming' sweet egg/seed meal    

Note: When producing your own base mix, we recommend the 'upper level' of total soluble ingredients to be around 20% of the mix. Whilst higher levels can make baits very effective fish-catchers, the mix may become very sticky and difficult to work with when rolling and may not harden sufficiently during the boiling process.

Provoking thought: This new section of the site offers in-depth information on nutritional topics, processing procedures and individual ingredient specifications. Designed to add some 'meat to the bones' of animal nutrition and bait production, this useful information is designed to stimulate thought and interest in the mechanics of appetite stimulation and nutrient supply.

Whilst some of the details in this section may create more questions than answers, the search for answers will ultimately result in more thought, reasoning and understanding of bait and its application.  This can only be of benefit in what is our ultimate aim - putting more fish on the bank.

Ingredients Technical Specifications

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Base Mix Ingredients
Bait Additives
Liquid Foods

Nutritional Information

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Protein nutrition, requirements and dietary supplyProtein nutrition, requirements and dietary supply

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