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This dye has been used with great success in the U.K. and European bait industry and enables companies to give their hookbaits strong, vivid colours that increase the attraction properties of them. Its non-soluble nature makes it suitable for inclusion in hookbaits that are used on short or long sessions.

Standard Red Dye can be used to hi viz hookbaits or boilie hookbaits and creates a 'post box' red (dark strawberry red) which fish find very attractive. It works well with hookbaits of all types when used in any light conditions.

We recommend the following inclusion levels:

Hi Viz Hookbaits: 20-30g per kg of base mix.

Boilie Hookbaits: 10-20g per kg of base mix.

This product is not for fish consumption and should only be used to produce hookbaits (lures) which will not be digested.

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