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Salmon Micro Feed, sometimes known as Salmon Fry Crumb, is a superb product for forming a carpet of small food particles that will attract fish and hold them for a prolonged period of time. When mixed with other small particles such as Mini Ultramix, Mini Halibut Pellets, Intense Chilli Hemp or Intense Oily Hemp, a baited area will keep fish grubbing around in the vicinity of your hook bait for quite some time as their feeding confidence increases.

Salmon Micro Feed is made from high quality, low temperature fish meals, fish oils added amino acids, minerals, vitamins and enzymes and has a protein content of 55% and oil of 24%.

Tip: A superb carpet feed can be made by mixing Mini Halibut Pellets, Mini Ultramix and Salmon Micro Feed at a ratio of 25:50:25, and then sprinkling a covering of Feedstim XP Powder and Green Lipped Mussel Extract. Then add a small amount of water and Pre-Digested Fish Meal to bind the feed into balls before using.

Salmon Micro Feed is also ideal for bag mixes and has been very effective as a bulking ingredient when used with L.T. 94 and Frozen Bloodworm.

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