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New Robin Red® (UK/EU)

Robin Red® has changed…….


This new Robin Red® contains a natural colourant rather than a non-feed-permitted synthetic dye and so creates a less vivid but more natural red colour in finished baits which contain it when compared to original Robin Red® which is no longer permitted for use within feed (boilie/loose feed etc use).


CC Moore & Co Ltd strongly recommends Robin Red® (UK/EU) is used by all bait makers wishing to include Robin Red® within edible baits in order to:

  1. Comply with UK/EU animal feed regulations

  2. Create higher levels of natural sensory attraction

  3. Promote higher levels of fish welfare


During tests undertaken in association with Haith’s, CC Moore & Co Ltd found Robin Red® (UK/EU) to be at least as effective as an ingredient when compared to original Robin Red®


Robin Red® (UK/EU) is the only Robin Red® legally permitted for use within boilies and other baits which may be eaten/digested by fish.

Haith’s New Robin Red® (UK/EU) properties:

This is the new Robin Red® (UK/EU) made by Haith’s

Contains feed-permitted colourant, specifically for edible bait use

Consistent, vivid beetroot-red, oily spice meal

Smooth, sweet, red pepper aroma & taste

Highly effective bird food type bait ingredient

Gives texture to baits, increases leakage potential

Adds valuable vits & mins. Oil content; 20%

Dyes baits red/brown when used at higher levels

Suitable for year-round use in any base mix

Use up to 50% in your mix, use lower levels in winter


CC Moore & Co Ltd are approved suppliers of Haith’s Robin Red® (UK/EU) as agreed with Haith’s. Our Liquid Robin Red® is also approved by Haith’s.


Customer Guidance:


This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.



by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

"The power of making your own unique baits (part 1)"
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