CC Moore Quality Fishing baits - Consultant - Tim Richardson

I’ve found it totally fascinating testing individual and combined CC Moore ingredients, additives enhancers etc in powder and liquid forms in terms of fish responses observed and fish caught in different seasons, waters and conditions, while exploiting the products to constantly discover and create so many new exciting possibilities.


How would you describe your angling time Tim?

Over the past 4 years at least while testing CC Moore products my angling time has been very much orientated towards optimising totally new homemade bait designs incorporating additives, liquids, etc to maximise my results per hours fished! My aim has been to discover innovative ways to induce powerful feeding responses, while often using less bait but exceptionally potent homemade baits, in much less time fished, exploiting baits combining elements of nutritional and other natural aspects of fish stimulation looking for bait actions beyond standard food bait paradigms.

How much time do you spend on the bank?

In more recent years my time fishing for big carp has been very infrequent, with a limited number of sessions; I’ve spent far more time testing countless versions of unique homemade baits on small fish waters to refine my baits continuously and exploit and learn from the instant feedback that small fish provide. In more recent months I’ve applied this to homemade baits for big fish so the baits work instantly first time out. I find this small fish testing to big fish application approach makes great ‘sense!’

What would you say is your angling highlight to date?

One example is the time I had my tackle stolen, and so found myself on the bank of an Essex day ticket water armed with a single homemade rod, and a few homemade baits. Within half an hour I hooked the biggest fish in the lake at the time; a 46.12 leather, which had only been banked once previously in 8 years. From the same water I was the first person to ever catch a remarkable very pale white mirror of 36.12 which sticks in the memory… (It was the start of a really exceptional run of fish which further helped me hone and affirm my homemade bait knowledge and application skills.)

What are your favourite baits within the CC Moore range?

These include Supergold 60, poultry protein, the Meggablends, vanilla extract meal, Moore’s CLO, pro-biotic yeast, concentrated yeast powder, hemp protein, roasted peanut meal, crunchy kelp, blue cheese powder, lactalbumin, wheatgerm, also Cyprivit, Ultrasweet, Fructose concentrate, Fruit Zest concentrate, hydrolysed poultry protein, Squid concentrate. Among so many of the liquids, some I favour include liquid kelp complex, Red Venom, Liquid super slop, and Sweet fruit enhancer, but the entire range is exceptional and offers endless edges. (The stick, PVA bag and spod mixes plus even the much lesser-used particles, are awesomely versatile for imaginative inclusions uses and applications...)

Where do you see yourself fishing in the future?

At the moment the aim is to explore more diversity of waters including a range of day ticket and commercial waters, club waters and maybe a few syndicate waters. The variety of challenges and changes of quality of natural history and scenery are stimulating, and nowadays fishing is not just about big fish hunting for me. I’ve also enjoyed river fishing for carp and find this a unique challenge and opportunity as I seek space from the madding crowds. Looking further ahead I’ll probably fish abroad more on really big waters again.







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