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 10kg Odyssey XXX Bundle Deal

2 x 5kg Odyssey XXX Boilies + 1 Pot of Hookbaits + 500ml Liquid Food

Choose your GLM-packed Odyssey XXX Boilies and get two 5kg bags along with a pot of hookbaits from the list below and 500ml of liquid food, which has been selected for the way it compliments and enhances the attraction potential of Odyssey XXX Boilies, all from just £79.50 - and that's post free to the UK Mainland too!


Boilie options, choose 2 from:

  • 5kg 10mm, 15mm or 18mm Shelf Life Baits

  • 5kg 10mm, 15mm or 18mm Freezer Baits


Hookbait options, choose 1 from:

  • 10mm, 15mm or 18mm Air Ball Pop Ups

  • 15mm or 18mm Air Ball Wafters

  • 15mm or 18mm Hard Hookbaits

  • 10x14mm Glugged Dumbell Hookbaits (bottom baits)

  • 13-14mm Odyssey XXX White Pop Ups


Liquid Food options, choose 1 from:

  • 500ml Liquid GLM Compound

  • 500ml Liquid Salmon Compound

  • 500ml Liquid Pre-Digested Fish

  • 500ml Liquid Liver Compound

  • 500ml Liquid Robin Red

  • 500ml Feedstim XP

  • 500ml Whole Krill Compound

  • 500ml Liquid Belachan Compound

  • 500ml Squid Hydro


 Bundle Deal Price: from £79.50 (post free to UK Mainland)

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