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This great value boilie-making pack contains both the Base Mix and Liquid Additive required to make our highly successful Odyssey XXX Boilies.

Simply crack some fresh eggs into a bowl, add the liquid additive (and any other liquids you may wish to include) and then mix thoroughly. Once mixed, add your base mix and make into a firm paste before rolling into boilies.

Once rolled, we suggest you allow your baits to ‘skin’ for 30-60 minutes before being boiled or steamed and then allow them to dry for 24 hrs+. If freezer baits they will then need to be stored frozen.

Each pack contains the following:

5kg of Odyssey XXX Base Mix + 500ml Odyssey XXX Liquid Additive and will make approximately 7kg of Odyssey XXX boilies.

10kg of Odyssey XXX Base Mix + 2 x 500ml Odyssey XXX Liquid Additive

20kg of Odyssey XXX Base Mix + 4 x 500ml Odyssey XXX Liquid Additive

Moore for less……… Buying this pack will save you money on buying the two components separately.

Mixing Guide:

We estimate that each 1kg of base mix + added liquid will require around 9 medium sized eggs.

Shelf Life Baits:

To make your own shelf life version of this bait, simply replace 30% of the liquid egg requirement (around 3 eggs per kg) with Liquid Bait Preservative which is found here, and then dry the baits for 48 hrs+.

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