Particle Preparation Guidelines

Quality particles made easy ...

The details shown below are to be used only as guidelines. The thorough preparation of particles is vital to ensure the safety of any fish that may eat them. Pulses and nuts are particularly sensitive as they swell considerably when fully prepared. If preparing particles for the first time, check their suitability for use with an experienced angler before introducing them to fish.

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Particle Product Soak (hours) Boil (minutes)   Particle Product Soak (hours) Boil (minutes)
Brazil Nuts 24 30   French Maize 24 30
Broken Brazil Nuts 12 - 18 30   Hemp Seed Up to 48 Until kernel splits
Buck Wheat 6 10   Jumbo Tiger Nuts 24 30
Chick Peas 12 - 18 30   Maple Peas 12 - 18 30
Coarse Ground Tiger N/A N/A   Mini Tigers 24 30
Cracked Maize 1 N/A   Naked Oats N/A 1
Crushed Hemp Seed N/A N/A   Particle Mix 6 15
Crushed Peanuts 1 N/A   Tares 12 - 18 30
Flaked Maize 1 N/A   Tiger Nuts 24 30


Tips for hemp seed preparation

Our Hemp Seed is widely accepted as some of the cleanest, plumpest, oiliest and easiest to split on the market. If, at certain times, you have difficulty in making the seeds split, don't panic, Hemp Seed that is not fully split will not damage fish; it simply won't release the same level of natural oils as usual.

One trick that many anglers use when cooking hemp is to pour some dry hemp seed into a cool box, cover it with boiling water and then put the lid on the cool box. Place a heavy item on top of the lid to ensure air doesn't escape, and by the morning your cooked hemp seed should be ready to use.


To get the very best from your particles, it is well worth considering the following tips:

  • When any product is boiled or heat-treated the molecular structure and nutritional profile (including attraction properties) are denatured and damaged. This means that the less boiling time required to make the particles suitable for use, the better. However, it is vital to ensure particle baits are correctly prepared to avoid fish damage. Therefore, pre-soak particles for longer than usual, making required boiling times shorter.
  • To improve attraction properties, leave the boiled particles to soak and partly ferment in their naturally occurring sugars that remain in the boiling water. After several days certain particles will start to form a caramelising liquid that makes the final particle much more attractive.
  • Using any of our Liquid Foods, each particle product can be enhanced further. Most liquids can be added at up to 30ml/kg to create a personalised particle bait which fish find highly attractive.
  • Two of the most soluble attractors available are salt and sugar. Either can be added to particles after the boiling process and act as an effective appetite stimulant (flavour enhancer). Simply add around ½ a teaspoon per kilo to really 'pep up' your particles.
  • Be different! Try adding Red Venom to particles at around 15ml/kg in conjunction to Talin at 2ml/kg. Be careful not to dye your hands red and watch the response you get when applying it to French Maize, Tiger Nuts or Chick Peas!