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Instant Spod Mixes

Available in 4 irresistible bait types; Fish Frenzy XP, Seed Storm, Red Pepper+ and Sweet Nut Cloud.

Reviewed by: Jake Wildbore – BYCAC Champion 2008.

Since joining the CC Moore & Co Ltd team I’ve been really impressed with the size of their range and quality of their products, however, the one bait type I was keen to get added to the range was a spod mix.

After discussions with Ian Moore, the company formulated four mixes that are suitable for use in different situations with various hookbait types. The four mixes were tried and tested by me and others to make sure they did exactly what we wanted when they were applied. We then fed the information back to Ian to gets the mixes tweaked; and then they were finished.

The Instant Spod Mixes are very easy to prepare and can be ready to use within minutes. You just open the bucket and add your liquids. There’s no boiling or hot water needed and they take on other liquids really well. Each mix contains a blend of large and small particles, producing the perfect reaction when they’re cast in.

The large particles sink to the bottom, creating an attractive carpet and the small particles make a really soluble cloud of attractors that pulls fish into the baited area. When you get the fish really going in the area, we found the more you spod, the more fish come in.

I’ve used all the mixes and find they are not only easy to use, but fish just seem to home in on them. The Sweet Nut Cloud mix is perfect for one of my chosen tactics, zig-rig fishing, and the Fish Frenzy XP works really well with the proven Odyssey XXX and Feedstim XP combination.

If you want ready-made spod mixes that fish can’t resist, pick up a bucket and go for it.

What could be easier.

Good Luck!

Jake Wildbore