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Mini Ultramix

This highly successful pellet mix is a blend of our most potent fish-attracting ‘mini’ pellets, making it a superb readymade PVA bag product. Mini Ultramix has been used by top anglers for many years as it breaks down at different speeds, leaking powerful attractors and appetite stimulants in the water, constantly pulling fish into the area.

Containing a mix of very high quality fingerling and fish ‘rearer’ pellets from the aquaculture industry, Mini Ultramix is rich in fish proteins/amino acids, vitamins, minerals and omega fish oils that together make it a very concentrated fish attractor that need only be used in small quantities to get a bite.  


Mini Ultramix properties:

·       High protein content & quality; great for year-round use

·       Soluble attractors stimulate feeding in all temperatures

·       Oil content ensures attractor leakage through all layers

·       Different pellets break down at different speeds for constant attraction

·       Contains 2-4mm pellets; Betaine, Halibut, Trout, Krill Pellets etc.

·       Pellets are easily boosted by the addition of soluble liquid foods

·       Mix contains black, brown, red ‘expander’ pellets

·       Great for making ‘compressed distance bags’

·       This mix can be scaled to make pellet paste

Customer guidance:

This product should be stored cool, dry and out of direct sunlight.



To 1kg Mini Ultramix, add 30ml/kg Whole Krill Compound, Corn Steep Liquor or Tuna L030 the night before a session. Allow this to soak into the mix before using it in PVA bags or as a stalking or carpet feed.

For these and more appetite stimulating products that can be applied to pellets, go to our 'Liquid Foods' section.

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