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Mini Halibut Pellets contain highly digestible protein, a high oil level, added vitamins, minerals and trace elements, making them nutritionally valuable and extremely rich in fish attractors. These black, 2mm pellets break down completely within 30 minutes, clouding the swim with a 'slick' of attraction and high quality food particles. These pellets can be mixed with Hot Hemp, Intense Hemp, Salmon Microfeed and Particles in Talin to produce superb spod mixes or loose feeds.


A superb stalking carpet feed can be made by mixing Mini Halibut Pellets to Salmon Micro Feed at a ratio of 50:50, and then sprinkling a covering of Feedstim XP Powder and Belachan Powder. Then add a small amount of water and Pre-Digested Fish Meal to bind the feed into balls before using.

This will produce a highly attractive, digestible carpet of marine proteins and extracts that will create and instant food signal to any fish in the area.

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