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Meggablend Sweet contains the same crushed seeds, oils, natural sugars, vitamins, minerals, and vegetable and egg proteins as Meggablend. However, as a further development of the successful Meggablend, Meggablend Sweet also contains honey and a subtle zesty backnote, giving it added natural attraction through a beautifully enhanced, sweet aroma and taste. This increases the finished taste and appeal of products whilst also improving the binding, leakage, visual appearance and nutritional properties of baits that contain it.

Can be included in base mixes up to 300g/kg.


As with Meggablend Red, Meggablend Sweet is a superb, naturally attractive product that can be used in many bait applications. Whilst stick mixes, spod mixes, method mixes and ground baits are obvious choices, try loose feeding it as a stalking 'carpet' soaked in our superb Roasted Nut Compound, Response+ Cream Booster or Amino Blend 365.

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