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 Liquid Sweetcorn

This unique, thick, lumpy liquid food is a superb spod mix and loose feed additive and enables you to add a sweet, creamy and highly visually stimulating boost to your boilies and loose feeds. Ideal for use throughout the year, this highly water soluble liquid food stimulates a strong feeding response from carp and coarse fish alike. A real edge.

Liquid Sweetcorn properties:

·       Light yellow colour and thick, sweetcorn-relish-like consistency

·       Highly naturally attractive; rich in natural sugars, fibre and starch

·       Packed with blended corn which creates a sweet milky cloud

·       Superb sweetcorn taste & aroma in a concentrated liquid form

·       High solubility and digestibility - designed for year-round use

·       Various sized particles disperse to all levels of the water column

·       Visually attractive particles stimulate impulsive feeding

·       PVA friendly so ideal in bag and stick mixes

·       Outstanding boilie booster – soak into baits before spombing

·       pH 7.2 – neutral

Tip: Use up to 30ml/kg in particle, stick and spod mixes and for soaking into boilies such as Live System before introducing into your swim. Also, superb for using alone in PVA bags.


Customer guidance:

This product should be kept in a cool environment, out of direct sunlight



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