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At C.C. Moore & Co Ltd our experience in animal nutrition and feed formulation, is combined with a passion for angling and the invaluable feedback from our team of highly skilled anglers to enable us to develop an unrivalled range of high nutrient value baits for many types of coarse fishing.

It is our constant aim to provide top quality, innovative products at the forefront of bait production, while maintaining excellent value for money for anglers of all levels of experience in the various sectors of the angling community. With a particular focus on Carp and coarse fishing, we are able to offer an ever-expanding range of competitively priced bait items that have a proven track record.

As carp fishing becomes increasingly popular, bait selection and quality undoubtedly has a greater bearing on angler's results than ever before.

Bearing this in mind we continually develop new products that give our customers that all-important edge in their quest to catch the biggest and most sought after fish.

ian moore

With such an array of ingredients, additives and finished baits, the baiting possibilities are almost endless; all that is needed is a little imagination to make a vast difference to your catch results.

Year after year we see an incredible number of the most sought after fish in the UK and Europe caught by anglers using our baits. From highly pressured ‘circuit water’ residents to virgin fish that have never seen the bank before literally thousands of dream-making Carp and coarse fish have fallen to the irresistible attraction and nutritional properties of our baits adding to the growing list of truly outstanding captures made by anglers using our baits in recent years.

Along with the huge number of successful UK and European anglers, top specimen hunters such as Gaz Fareham, Ben Hamilton, Kev Hewitt, Mike Brown, Phil Buckley, Luc De Baets, Christophe Saint Jean, Michael Flosdorf, Olivier Boucher and Etienne Gebel choose to use our baits and form a vital part of the CC Moore team that enables us to offer the highest quality, tried and tested baits to our customers.

Wherever or whenever you fish, CC Moore & Co Ltd can provide you with that key component that helps transform a session to forget into a session to remember. The size and diverse nature of our range means that anglers who use CC Moore products have a huge number of loose feed and hookbait combinations at their disposal when the going gets tough.

Like many of the most successful anglers in the UK and Europe, make CC Moore & Co Ltd your first choice for high quality baits and watch your results improve.

Good luck,
Ian Moore