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Hard Hookbait Mix x3

Multipack Deal

Our easy to use, purpose built hard hookbait mix enables you to make perfect ball pop ups or wafters and extra tough single hookbaits that can withstand nuisance fish and ‘bird strikes.’


These mixes are formulated for maximum attraction and durability and are tried and tested through our exclusive Cork Ball Pop Up Roller.


This Multipack Deal enables you to buy 3 of our various different coloured hard hookbait mixes and Boilie range Hard Hookbait Mixes (Pacific Tuna, Live System and Odyssey XXX ) at a special offer low price.




Mulitpack Deal price = Buy 3 for £18.99 (£6.33 each)


Normal Hard Hookbait mix price = £6.99 each (3 for £20.97) 




Please note:


Boilie Range Hard Hookbait Mixes are supplied in 250g pots and include the normal boilie liquid additive within the pot whereas our White, Plain, Fluoro Orange, Fluoro Pink and Fluoro Yellow coloured Hard Hookbait Mixes are supplied in 200g and do not contain any flavours or liquids.


Choose 3 pots of hard hookbait mix & save money NOW!


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