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This pure Green Lipped Mussel Extract is of New Zealand origin and is very high quality example of perhaps the most successful fish-catching bait additive ever used.

This fine, aromatic mussel powder has not been defatted so contains all the natural oils derived from the mussel when processed.

With its distinctive ‘meaty shellfish’ taste and smooth savoury aroma, Green Lipped Mussel Extract has added potent natural attraction characteristics to anglers’ baits over many years, resulting in the increased catch rates of many of the best and most experienced anglers in the carp fishing world.

Whilst many new additives have arrived on the scene since the initial use of G.L.M. Ext, the complete attraction value of this superb powder cannot be over stated-as we have found with our devastating Odyssey XXX boilies which contain 10% (100g per kg) and continue to tempt the largest and most pressured fish around the UK and Europe, time and time again. Being a natural product, there is no limit to the inclusion level of Green Lipped Mussel Extract in boilie and hookbait mixes...... the more you use, the stronger the attraction of your bait.

Tip: Take your boilies or pellets, coat them with a thin layer of Feedstim XP, Tuna L030 or Ultramino and then dust them with a small amount of Green Lipped Mussel Extract to give your freebies a powerful combination of natural food signals that will pull fish into your baited area for hours after their application.

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