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Fluoro Orange Pop Up Mix Pack

This specially designed pack supplies you with all you need to easily produce your own highly effective fluoro orange pop ups and floating hookbaits. It makes firm, very buoyant baits when mixed with eggs and only needs to be simmered for two minutes, thus saving on attractor losses during the cooking process.



200g Fluoro Orange Pop Up Mix

50ml Liquid Bait Preservative


1kg Refill Bag Contents:

1kg Fluoro Orange Pop Up Mix


How to make your pop ups:


1.     Whisk 1 medium egg

2.     Add the flavours and attractors of your choice

3.     Add 15-20ml Liquid Bait Preservative to the liquid mix

4.     Add pop up mix to create the desired paste texture (pliable but not sticky)

5.     Leave paste in a sealed plastic bag for >30mins

6.     Roll baits to size and shape required

7.     Simmer in water for 1-2 minutes then leave to dry

8.     Dry for further 24-72hrs depending on required hardness


·         The longer you dry your hookbaits, the more buoyant they will become.

·         When your baits have filly dried, give them a light coating of your attractors and allow it to soak in, boosting their attraction potential.

·         Try making different shaped pop ups such as dumbells and pyramids which are more unusual and often treated with less suspicion.


·         To add further taste, aroma and visual stimulation just before you use them, try coring out a pop up before inserting a pre-attractor-soaked piece of different coloured foam.

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