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 Equinox Shelf Life Boilie Paste

Equinox is an extremely instant year round bait that supplies an abundance of appetite stimulating nutrients with a highly attractive taste and aroma package that disperses in even the coldest water. Orange-red in colour and packed with soluble attractors, this nutrient-rich, sweetly spiced bait has a distinctive fruit undertone and is a superb instant or long-term bait.

This highly attractive, ready to use boilie paste comes in a 300g pot and is the same product as that used to make Equinox shelf life boilies and is potted before being rolled or boiled. 


Equinox Shelf Life Boilie Paste properties:

·       Ready to use, easy to mould & instantly starts dissolving in water

·       High solubility and digestibility promotes maximum attractor leakage

·       A unique, sweet, spiced-fruit taste and aroma that fish love

·       Natural phenols & essential oils trigger feeding in ultra cold water

·       Rich in nutrients and amino acids derived from high quality proteins

·       Contains Haiths Robin Red®, fish, spices and vegetable extracts

·       Ideal for wrapping around hookbaits and making paste hookbaits

·       Superb as a high attract loose feed when fed in lumps.

·       Doesn’t need freezing, a great edge to carry in your rucksack!


Customer guidance:

This product should be kept in a cool environment, out of direct sunlight

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