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We've taken the best quality hemp and fed it through our milling operation to smash and crush it. The result is a beautifully oily, moist meal that makes an excellent addition to method, spod, stick and particle mixes. It really pulls fish into the area by leaking off the oils and aromas that have made hemp one of the very best fish attractors of all-time. Add to mixes at up to 50%.


To make a fantastic loose feed that is suitable for spodding, mix 45% Crushed Hemp and 45% Crushed Peanuts and 10% Frozen Whole Krill. The minute this mix hits the water it will start to work by releasing natural foods, enzymes, amino acids, oils, sugars and trace elements that carp are naturally attracted to. Food particles will drift far and wide on the undertow, drawing carp in to feed. 

We recommend the maximum inclusion level of Crushed Hemp in boilie mixes to be 100g/kg.

If you're looking to make an irresistible spod mix that will attract and hold large numbers of fish, click here for our Instant Spod Mixes.

by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

"The power of making your own unique baits (part 1)"
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