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This coarse meal is shattered French Maize. Particles range from flour to the size of Tares or Hemp Seed. Being white and yellow in colour Cracked Maize is superb for adding to any particle bait to break up the colour and texture, and as we all know, maize is a very effective fish catcher in its own right.


Whilst Cracked Maize can obviously be used with French Maize and Flaked Maize, add 20ml/kg Liquid Robin Red® and enough warm water to cover it to produce a very attractive red maize.

Cracked Maize is very attractive to fish (and cheaply prepared) if left to soak in a hot solution of water and either Amino Blend 365 or Response + Cream Bait Booster. This can be left for days or weeks to ferment, but we recommend it be stirred regularly.

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