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 Cork Ball Pop Up Roller 


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Rollers are available in 12mm, 15mm and 18mm size and each roller comes with a set of usage guidelines.

Automatically selecting the correct amount of paste, it rolls identical baits with a perfectly centred cork ball and no air gaps; essential for optimum rig performance and total hook bait confidence. As well as quickly and easily making perfect Cork Ball Pop Ups, this roller really can do so much more. 

  • Cork Ball Pop Ups & Wafters

Quickly and easily rolls identical cork ball pop ups or wafters every time; vitally important for fine-tuning your rigs.

  • Bottom Baits

This tool makes rolling bottom baits or paste balls both fast and simple without the need of a rolling table and paste gun.

  • Custom Specials

Roll your own Northern Special, Dairy Supreme or Live System Cork Ball Pop Ups, or another unique fish-catching hookbait. Even ‘food bait’ hookbaits with fluoro spots for visual attraction, half/half coloured baits and many more options are now simple. The options are truly endless……

  • Hard Hookbait Mixes:

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  • Cork Balls:

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  • Flavours and Boosters:

To find our potent liquid and hookbait flavours/boosters, click here


Usage guide:

For a complete guide on hookbait:cork ball size, including buoyancy and rig type, click here



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