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Why Northern Specials should be your go- to this spring!

Why Northern Specials should be your go- to this spring!

Why Northern Specials should be your go- to this spring! 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

The Northern Special

Years of learning, tailoring and experimenting with flavour and colour combinations has gone in to creating what is now deemed as one of the all-time greats; The Northern Special. So what makes these truly devastating hookbaits so effective many years down the line, well, it is a number of factors that cement these baits above the line when it comes to attraction, diversity and reliability.

The humble, now legendary Northern Special is created from a unique combination of potent flavours in a variety of forms, making it almost impossible for the fish to resist even in the coldest of water temperatures.

Over the years, these revolutionary hookbaits have accounted for some truly outstanding results, with anglers utilising this comprehensive range in a variety of different ways to add the power of the Northern to their armoury. The small 12mm baits are perfect for using in conjunction with small P.V.A bags, tipping food baits or simply using to great effect in the winter period. The Plus+ range are very buoyant, suiting the angler who prefers to fish with conventional pop- up rigs where hookbaits are left in situ for extended periods of time. The standard 14mm hook baits are the flagship among the range, offering the angler a diversity of potential hook patterns and rig choices to combine this truly versatile hookbait with.

When you open your tub of Northern Specials, not only will you be greeted with a simply amazing, citrus burst of smell and aroma, but you will also find a neat, handy packet of intense booster. This booster plays an important part, in that it re- hydrates the baits to allow superb levels of leakage when in the swim. Give the baits a a full dose of this packet, shake and then leave for 3/4 days to allow it to full absorb. Following this, you can then repeat the process to add further enhancement to the baits by simply glazing them in the dedicated booster spray. This thin bait additive adds another punch, creating what can only be described as a wonder- bait for single hookbait fishing.

The final stage of this boosting trick involves the dusting of these mega gems with a powdered additive. This helps to penetrate the skin of the bait and also form a highly soluble crust around the bait. The key here is to add another powder to fully cover the baits at the stage when they are still slightly sticky to the touch; allowing for optimum coverage. What you will be left with is a hookbait that is nothing short of incredible, packs a potent punch and also delivers an intense rush of attractors into the swim once introduced.

Many anglers use this tactic certainly in the early parts of spring when the water is still relatively cold; in this scenario, a pimped up single Northern Special can bring quick results by creating an intense column of attraction in and around the single, very bright hookbait. Many anglers favour the very vibrant colours in the early part of the spring, especially the pink and yellow variations of the Northern. As the fish become more pressured moving into the back end of the spring and summer, the white certainly seems to come into its own, resembling what could be a washed out food item that the fish will take with very little caution.

The key to finding success with these baits is to chop and change regularly in order to pinpoint the exact colour the fish want on the given day; this can often change with temperature, water clarity and light levels. Searching the fish out through casting around is one tactic that can prove very successful when the fish are still relatively localised in areas; in this case, preping hookbaits a few weeks in advance by adding the liquids and powders will ensure that they retain the intense flavour levels for the duration of a trip. In turn, this means that you can change the hookbait less often and in most cases, rove the same power packed hookbait for the duration of the day.

When the odds are against you, you can always rely on a Northern!

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