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What does Plus + mean on our pop- ups?

What does Plus + mean on our pop- ups?

What does Plus + mean on our pop- ups? 3.2/5 (64%) 10 votes

<strong>What does plus mean on our pop- ups?


The plus version of our pop- up range is the specialist among the group, tailored for the angler who prefers to leave his rigs in position for prolonged periods or simple wants that ‘extra’ degree of buoyancy to hold up a big chod or hinged- stiff when fishing amongst low lying debris. These super buoyant pop- ups are the closest you will get to corkballs in terms of prolonged buoyancy and consistency; which is vital for the mechanics of so many modern day rigs such as the hinge and choddy.

Add to that, these super buoyant hookbaits have a toughened, resilient skin, making them perfect for use when other species or birdlife becomes a problem. This is down to the length of time they have been dried for, which makes them slightly firmer but still very user friendly for anglers who use baits screws or pierce them onto floss.

Due to these Plus+ baits being tougher due to a lengthier drying process, they are thirsty and will readily take on liquids very quickly- ideal for creating potent, highly boosted singles for the spring months.

Top Tips for plus pop- ups

Balancing your hookbait

Hookbait balancing is a key aspect when ensuring that both your rig and hookbait settle effectively when fishing over potentially obstructive debris on the lakebed. Not only that, a well balanced hookbait will be effortlessly sucked in by a feeding fish, often meaning that your hook- holds will be firmer, leading to more fish on the bank. Balancing your hookbait couldn’t be simpler, start by adding more putty than needed to sink the rig and hookbait.

Begin by testing the speed at which the rig falls through the water, while removing a tiny piece of the putty each time until the hookbait and rig slowly falls through the water column. This is important in ensuring that your baited rig kicks away from the lead when entering the water, allowing the hookbait to sit out straight ready for a pick –up!

Hookbait boosting

In some situations, a super potent hookbait can be extremely effective, especially as the water begins to cool and the use of single hookbaits to tempt bites become more prominent. By simply boosting your hookbaits with the matching bait spray, it allows for the powerful liquid attractors to effectively absorb into the bait, releasing them quickly and effectively into the water column once submerged.

The prepping process is easy, simply take a pot of your chosen Elite/ Northern hookbaits and add a couple of squirts of the matching spray to the tub. Give them a good shake ensuring that they are evenly coated and leave for a few days to absorb. Repeat the process once more; leave a few days to fully absorb before using. These super boosted hookbaits are perfect for use all year round, but come into their own in the winter and early spring when the water temperatures are very low.

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