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We Ask Three Top Anglers Their Go- To Spring Liquids….

We Ask Three Top Anglers Their Go- To Spring Liquids….

We Ask Three Top Anglers Their Go- To Spring Liquids…. 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

We ask three top anglers for their go- to spring liquids…

James Armstrong- The Salt Aspect

I prefer the use of salty liquids in my spring fishing for a number of reasons, firstly, as the fish are starting to wake up and move about once again, those vital salts present in the bait and in areas of the lake are naturally attractive to carp. After a long winter of cold water temperatures, the fish have been resting in a dormant state and are rearing to seek out vital nutrients and vitamins that will help build their energy and health going into spring- one of these being salt!

My all- time favourite liquid for spring application has to be Feedstim XP, this liquid is a thin, very salty combination of incredibly attractive amino acids that fish simply cannot resist. I use it on everything from my hookbaits to free- offerings, allowing it to draw into the baits for a number of days before use.

Due to the thin makeup of this liquid food, it is very good at being excreted from a bait once introduced, pumping attraction far and wide from the baited area. The natural stimulants within the bait are highly soluble and due to the incredibly attractive salt content, trigger a positive and prolonged feeding response. I also use the matching powder, particularly on hookbaits, to give them that little edge over my free offerings. I have witnessed fish drift over a baited spot and home in on one of my special, Feedstim XP boosted hookbaits before taking any free offerings.

Due to the fact that Feedstim XP is incredibly water soluble, it can be introduced early on in the spring when the water temperatures are particularly low. At this time of year, many anglers rely on single hookbaits, but I have found the power of the salty Feedstim can work wonders at drawing fish in to investigate.

Dan Stacey- Natural Attraction

For me, spring time can be one of the most productive and when it comes to liquid, I like to keep it natural. I think as spring approaches and the naturals are once again beginning to make an appearance, mimicking the scent and attraction given off can often be a neat edge.

I don’t just stop as far as using liquids; I actually like to use the liquids as a tool to carry powders and small items when using boilies. I have been using the Liquid Belachan Extract for a number of years and this delivers a deep, salty, shrimp like aroma and taste into the water column once introduced.

The liquid that I use forms a coating around the boilies, which becomes a catalyst for applying powder attraction. I simply coat the baits with a light glazing of liquid to form a fine layer, to which I add my dedicated powder. I then add something that I feel adds to the over natural appeal of the bait and that is micro frozen water snails. These very small, crunchy and extremely salty bait items add a refined crunch and naturally salty touch to the baits.

I have done particularly well on this tactic at a pressured syndicate venue, where most anglers are using boilies straight fro the bag. I feel by adding that little touch to the baits that the fish are unlikely to have encountered before has given me an edge over many other anglers. Particularly in the spring when the fish are craving salts and nutrients, the addition of the liquid combined with the water snails adds a distinctive, natural crunch that they are likely to associate with snails on the lakebed.

Matt Jackson- Pungent Fish

My two favourite liquids for spring fishing have to be the Tuna L030, which is a naturally thick, dense, pungent liquid that delivers a carpet of pulling power. The second liquid I incorporate in to my angling is the Whole Krill Extract, which by its very name creates a superb cloudy signal in the water, brimming with small incredibly attractive fragments of krill.

Both liquids perform two very different roles in my bait application during the spring, once the water temperatures have hit a constant, allowing the liquids to effectively disperse. Firstly, the Tuna L030 delivers a dense delivery, allowing it to smother and hug the lakebed, leaching into the silt and fragments of gravel on the lakebed.  Even after the bait has been eaten, the liquid that has dispersed over the spot will still release incredibly attractive food signals around the area.

The second liquid that I combine with the Tuna L030 is the Whole Krill Extract; this liquid is significantly different to the L030 in that it is much thinner and therefore much more soluble in the water, dispersing a powerful cloud of attraction filled with fragments of natural krill. When combined, these liquids cover all areas of the water column, dispersing strong food signals across the lakebed and up through the water column.








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