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Unleash The Venom – CC Moore

Unleash The Venom – CC Moore

Unleash The Venom – CC Moore 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

<em>A dark, deep red, venomous liquid that has been off the carp radar for many years, but 2017 sees the return of the truly incredible liquid food, the Red Venom.

For those who have previously experienced the power of the Venom in previous years will know the truly unique and effective makeup of this long gone classic. Having had the opportunity to resource the exact ingredient combinations that made up the distinctively red classic, it is now back and better than ever. The deep, rich spicy aroma and taste are only a small past of what make this liquid an outstanding attractor, coupled with its oily consistency and ability to cling to baits with ease, certainly enhance the overall pulling power of this liquid food.

When applied correctly, the Red Venom can aid and alter any bait, creating a unique twist and edge to an already great bait. The bloody red colour stays true in the water column, creating a superb visual attractor and carrier of the spicy aromas that create the Venom. To get the best from this alternative liquid food, this feature highlights the neat edges to get the very best from this rising classic.

Bait Transformation

Due to the Red Venoms oily makeup and slimy feel, it has the exact properties to transform your baits to create an alternative edge. The thin watery like properties of the liquid allow successful penetration of baits which work effectively on lightly coloured hookbaits. You standard, pale off the shelf hookbaits can be given the Venom treatment with only a few drops of the liquid food. Applying this to your favourite flavour combinations, such as Fruit Zest, Dairy Supreme or even Northern Specials can formulate an altogether different and unusual hookbait. The longer you leave these for the liquid to penetrate the baits, the longer the level of leakage into the water column. These boosted hookbaits are particularly effective in the spring, releasing a column of oil through the water, drawing in passing fish to that super boosted hookbait.

The Pellet Trick

The Venom is highly effective when combined with a pellet of your choice, for example the Boosted Bloodworm Pellets that match the deep red colour nicely. A thin coating of the liquid is enough create a glistening, attractive and effective pellet that when introduced into the water, will leach attractors and spices into the lakebed of close vicinity. This is great at ensuring there is a high level of food signals present within the baited area even if all the loosefeed has been eaten. The naturally sticky makeup of the Red Venom allows the liquid to penetrate into the silt or low lying weed in the baited area, constantly leaking cloud attraction into the swim. Due to the naturally high level of soluble oils present in this truly awesome liquid, a stream of oil release can help dictate a feeding response within the swim once the Venomised pellets have been introduced.

The Venom Stick

A great edge when it comes to fishing small PVA mesh sticks is to saturate the PVA in a good helping of Red Venom. The liquid quickly penetrates the PVA and bait contents inside, developing a halo of oily attraction around the stick when the PVA begins to break down. This can be a hugely successful tactic in the spring, casting small sticks to showing fish, drawing them down onto a small parcel of bait as they begin to wake from their winter slumbers. As the sticks begin to break down, a column of peppery attraction will rise through the water, leaving an incredible scent trail as the oils begin to disperse.

General Bait Application

Red Venom has a multitude of uses when it comes to creating a unique twist of powerful liquid attraction and can be applied effectively to boilies and spod mixes alike. The superb and quite unusual nature of this liquid food really comes into its own as the water begins to warm and is extremely effective at altering the makeup of particles such as Tigers, Sweetcorn and Chick Peas. With a little bit of imagination, the Red Venom can be used as a huge edge when combined with other baits.

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