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The Power Of Pellets

The Power Of Pellets

The Power Of Pellets 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

For many years the pellet has been an out and out carp catcher, from small PVA bags of pellet, to large beds of bait applied with the spomb. The pellet has the ability to draw fish and conger up a feeding frenzy as these potent particles break down and release bundles of attraction into the water column.

But why are they so good? Well, put simply, a pellet is packed with soluble attraction that stimulate carp into feeding, the longer the pellet is submerged in the water, the more it will break down and release these appetite stimulants. To the average man, a pellet is a pellet and in some respects this is certainly true. But, take a closer look into the world of pellets and you will begin to see the vast array of textures, sizes, densities and smells which make the pellet a truly diverse angling bait. This mini- feature takes a closer look at ways of using pellet to their maximum effect, boosting them up or simply applying them in the right way to make them go further!

The Scalding Trick

The scalding trick is extremely simple, but sure does boost the pulling power of the pellets from the moment they impact the water. Adding hot water to baits simply kick starts the breakdown process, allowing attractors to leach out of the baits instantly. This means that those active ingredients within the baits are working from the off, which is crucial on short sessions where optimum instant attraction are needed to get those quick bites. The pellets will go nice and soft after around half an hour, which allows you to create balls of pellet goodness that can either be catapulted or balled into the lake. The scalded pellets are ideal for use with the method feeder, the soft texture allows them to be effectively moulded around the feeder before casting out. Scalded pellet is an awesome technique for baiting marginal spots in the spring, as the water warms, the carp will naturally seek shallower water. The instant food signals released from the hot pellet will undoubtedly stop any passing fish skirting those marginal shelves.

Sight and Smell

Sight, alongside smell is an important factor when considering pellet choice and where to apply it. Waters can vary from in terms of clarity from crystal clear gravel pits to murky farms ponds and this will have a huge factor when it comes to pellet choice.

In some cases, a vibrant pellet such as the Milkimin will work wonders in clear water, as it provides a stand out visual stimulation that the carp will look to investigate. Apply the same pellets to a turbid farm pond and their visual factor will soon disappear. In this type of situation, a pungent fishy pellet such as the Marine Amino will come into play, offering a high level of smell and attraction that will draw fish into the area via their senses. Equally, the type of spot you are looking to present pellets over will have a significant effect; dark Betaine HNV pellets over dark silt will have very little stand out factor compared to it they were littered over a small sandy/ clay spot in the edge. Whereas, contrary to that, the Milkimins will stand out a million miles over dark silt, resting perfectly on top of the sediment waiting for the carp to investigate. A little consideration towards bait placement goes a long way when utilising pellets to their maximum effect.

The Powder Trick

This neat little trick is aimed at creating a soluble crust of attraction a round the pellet baits, adding more instant food signals to the package, plus soluble stimulants that create tempting aromas in the swim following introduction. Adding the powder is simple, you first add a few handfuls of your chosen pellet into a bait tray. Follow this up with a healthy dose of your chosen oil, Hemp Oil is perfect for the job. After you have glazed all of the baits, simply sprinkle your chosen bait additive powder, G.L.M is an all time favourite for many anglers. Allow the pellets to absorb all the salty, marine goodness from the powder before introducing to the swim. As the pellets begin to break down, the powders deliver scent trails through the water column, carrying food signals throughout the lake.

Baiting Up

With so many differing sizes of pellet, ensuring consistency when baiting up is vital when fishing to small spots on lakes. When it comes to introducing a mixture of pellets, the spomb is the tool of choice, this allows for accurate placement of pellets in one area despite whether they are 2mm or 12mm. When laying down a bed of pellets of the same size, a catapult is the ideal tool and allows the baits to be positioned perfectly at the same range.

Hook Protection

A small bag of micro pellets is the perfect solution when fishing over light debris and sediment on the lakebed. The micro bag ensures the hook point is fully protected when the PVA melts, leaving a small parcel of attraction awaiting that bite.


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