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The Natural Bag Mix Approach- Dan Stacey

The Natural Bag Mix Approach- Dan Stacey

The Natural Bag Mix Approach- Dan Stacey 3.8/5 (75%) 4 votes

As the first glimpse of spring has finally arrived, the ever so slightly warmer rays of sun are making an appearance and catch reports are on the increase, spring surely can’t be too far around the corner. With spring comes longer days, warmer water temperatures and more importantly for us, more active carp. As the carp awake from their winter slumbers, they slowly begin to seek out important nutrients and minerals to strengthen their bodies as they begin to burn energy once again.

This is a great time to be out on the bank, in search of our quarry, as a carps need to feed is somewhat heightened, so are our angling results. Having just come out the other side from what felt like a never-ending winter, so too have the carp and initially they may not be accustomed to feeding on large beds of bait and individual bait items. This time of year, small, highly attractive bags and singles are extremely effective. Parcels of food with high levels of pulling power are enough to get those bites as the carp begin to venture out around the lake once again.

This feature takes a closer look at an awesome attractive, early season, natural bag mix that is sure to bank that extra carp or two at this period of the year. It is formulated around providing maximum levels of attraction, while maintaining a natural appeal rich in solubility and packed with salty taste and appeal.

The ingredients involved within the production of this neat little mix are high in salt levels, which carp naturally crave early season, providing vital nutrients to aid with strength, growth and looking after their bodies.

The base for the mix is the highly attractive Salmon Micro Mix, for those who have used this product in the past will know the awesome pulling power this fine pellet mix has to offer. The dark nature of the mix itself is subtle and works effectively when targeting small clean areas of the lake such as gravel spots or clay depressions. To the mix, add a handful of the super salty Frozen Water Snails; these are high in calcium and add a distinctive crunch that the carp simply find irresistible. Next up is a few very fine shavings from a Belachan block; this fermented shrimp product is extremely salty, which the carp naturally seek during the early spring period.

This can either be done with a sharp pair of scissors or a small grater, both of which can be used to add the required amount of paste block. After giving the dry ingredients a good mix, the next step is to add a powdered additive such as the GLM, this will increase the taste and overall attraction of the mix, and delivering salts and other naturally present stimulants into the water column.

With the addition of the frozen water snails, the bag mix will become damp to the touch, just enough to pack down and create a perfect PVA bag mouthful of goodness that the carp will simply find irresistible. This is best mixed up a few hours before fishing, allowing the products to bind together and form a lovely smooth, salty mix bursting with fishy, pungent aroma!

What you will be left with is a trick little mix that is perfect for the spring period, either casting small parcels to showing fish, or lowering a trap onto a clearing on the carps patrol route. This is sure to add an extra edge to anyone’s bait armoury.

Dan Stacey- A Snail Mix Result

I have been incorporating the snail products into my bait for some years now, what I particularly like about these products is their subtle but highly attractive nature. For those carp that have seen it all and are extremely acute to blatant baits, these products are a super edge for outwitting those wary creatures. I have used a similar mix to great effect in the past on crystal clear lakes, rich in weed and natural food where the carp are tricky to outwit at the best of times. Baiting secluded areas of the lake, particular in the margins with this effective mix has accounted for some true gems within my fishing album. The natural label this mix provides causes no alarm to the carp when feeding on the small crunchy snails and dark Belachan products at close quarters. If you are looking for a mix that will provide a real edge in your angling, think outside the box a little and the Salmon & Snail combo will bring those results.

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