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The Golden Boost- How to pimp your pop- ups…

The Golden Boost- How to pimp your pop- ups…

The Golden Boost- How to pimp your pop- ups… 3.2/5 (64%) 5 votes

<strong>Spicing up the Golden Balls

With the weather still incredibly inconsistent and the nighttime temperatures often looming around zero degrees, there is no wonder that the regulatory of carp captures are thin on the ground. It’s without doubt the trickiest time of the year to be out there catching consistently, with the majority of carp waters not having done bites for multiple weeks. Winter can often feel like a long drag through until spring, with the long nights and cold daytime temperatures, catching carp in the winter is often a tall order. There is no doubt about it, location comes above all other variables in the winter, but closely behind that is bait choice and more importantly, cold water attraction properties of the bait you choose to use.

Single hookbaits are without doubt a long-standing, effective winter tactic. Those bright, potent pots of gold can often be the key to success when all else fails. A bait straight from the pot will often do the trick, but imagine boosting the baits ten- fold in order to release further attraction into the water column. Boosting of single hookbaits certainly isn’t a new idea, it’s been around for many years; saturating the baits in liquid, that is then slowly drawn into the skin of the chosenbait. This process has accounted for many winter carp, in the harshest of conditions during the depths of winter. Like most other tactics, these slowly begin to loose their effectiveness as the cautious winter carp slowly begin to wise to the method.

One tactic that has been underused for so long is the inclusion of highly water-soluble feeding palatants, in the form of powders. These powders are used to generate a feeding response, triggering an altogether different reaction from liquids alone. The procedure of creating these powder boosted pop- ups can take weeks to eventually form the desired powdered crust around the bait itself. This is important, as during the winter months, you want to achieve a consistent leakage from your bait to create maximum attraction through the water column when fishing. The Golden Spice from the Elite Range is the perfect, high attract winter pop- up, with its cinnamon, spicy, warming aroma and taste, this can be further enhanced to create a super- boosted single hookbait for winter success. Take a standard tub of Golden Spice pop- ups, to this; apply the neat matching booster liquid; this is a concentrated form of the powerful additives that create the superb pop- up itself. This should be applied evenly to ensure that all of the baits within the pot are lightly covered, this process can be repeated once the baits have drawn in all the liquid. Once this has been repeated a few times, you can then apply the important ingredient itself, the powdered additive! The key to getting the additive right is by adding a little at a time, then giving the pot a shake. Ideally, you want all the baits to have a lovely, sugary even coating all the way round. At first, the powder will become damp due to the liquid that has been applied to the baits, at this point, leave the pop- ups to settle and start to form a crust for a week or so. After a week, add another small helping of the powdered additive, ensuring that again all the baits are evenly coated.

By repeating this process a few times over a couple of weeks, you will begin to form a layer of attractive skin around the baits, which, when introduced to the water will slowly start to break down and release valuable cold water attractors into the swim for maximum appeal. This can be applied to all of the pop- ups in the Elite range, by matching them with their dedicated booster liquids and a dusting of one of the awesome powdered additives, the ability to make a customised, super powerful hookbait for winter success becomes an easy task.

Step 1- All the ingredients you will need to create a super boosted single hookbait

Step 2- Give the pot a even spray with the matching booster liquid

Step 3- Give them a thorough shake!

Step 4- Now take heaped spoon of fructose concentrate

Step 5- Finish off by giving the baits a light dusting with the powder

Step 6- The finished baits will be bursting with soluble attraction!

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