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Scar From Bluebell – Matthew Roberts

Scar From Bluebell – Matthew Roberts

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My pal Gaz Jones and I arrived at Swan Lake on the Bluebell Complex and found the fish immediately. Unfortunately, every peg was taken. After a couple more laps of the lake and a look around Kingfisher we decided to set up on Swan at the opposite end of the lake, away from the angling pressure and constant bombardment of spods etc. We were in the hope that all the commotion would move the fish onto us.

We decided to make as little disturbance as possible and just fish for a bite at a time. Within a few casts I located two areas – one at 15 wraps for 2 rods and 1 at 6 wraps, just big enough for 1 rod on a clear spot. I introduced a small handful of broken and whole 18mm Pacific Tuna boilies, which had coated in Smoked Salmon Oil and Tuna L030, and fished slack lines. The other rods were the same but with 50 baits over them.

It was 5pm by the time all the rods were sorted and we didnt see a sign of any fish that evening. I did, however, get a couple of liners around 9am the next morning, then all went quiet again. This was until 10am, when my left hand rod on the spot tore off leaving a massive plume of bubbles in its wake. Upon picking up the rod, the fish flat rodded me, taking around 30yds of line. It went straight into a thick weedbed, but after constant pressure for a few minutes, the fish pulled free. Most of the 10 minute battle was under the rod tip, until Gaz finally slipped the net under her shouting to me that I had a new PB common – my goal for this year!

She went 41lb 8oz on the scales, smashing my common PB by over 15lb and my overall PB by nearly 5lb. Unfortunately, that was the only fish of the session, but well worth the effort.

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