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Product Focus – CCM Feedstim XP Powder

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<p>Having been a massive fan of Feedstim XP liquid since its release some time ago, I was more than keen to play around with some of the matching, amino-rich, soluble powder.

This equally successful Feedstim product lends itself brilliantly to inclusion within base mixes, stick/groundbait/method mixes, solid PVA bags and also being sprinkled on top of freezer baits and pellets alike to give them a year-round, yeasty boost. As the baits defrost, the surface moisture enables the powder to ‘cling’ on to the baits well, but actively disperse once on the lakebed.

When customising your own hookbaits to closely mimic your chosen food bait, try adding 5% Feedstim powder to the powder base mix before mixing with the egg. Similarly, once boiled and thoroughly dried, coat the baits in Feedstim liquid several times and then add enough Feedstim powder to cover them – a devastating, two stage tactic.

The end product will be instantly attractive; after all, your hookbait is undoubtedly the most important one out there!

Another way in which this salty additive can be used is within solid PVA bags. Add a teaspoon or two to each bag prior to casting for an instant rush of solubility that will pull fish in from long distances. 


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