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Mini Bitez- Go small for big results!

Mini Bitez- Go small for big results!

Mini Bitez- Go small for big results! 5/5 (100%) 1 vote

<strong>Mini Bitez- Go small for big results!

First things first, what are mini bitez? Mini Bitez is the name given to this very special pot of mixed 8mm baits; perfectly rolled mini gems that are a mega edge when used in different situations and, due to their natural unflavoured presence, allow the angler to tailor them to a specific flavour requirement.

In every pot comes a mix of around 150 mini 8mm baits with 10 very different colours to choose from including red, yellow, white, black, pink, orange and more…

So, what makes these small baits special? Well in fact there are a number of different reasons that do and the first of all of these is the size. With more and more fish encountering the typical 12 & 15mm sized baits, these little gems offer a unique edge when it comes to presenting a bait that the fish are less likely to have come across before. Whether they are used for tipping baits, to add a small fleck of colour or contrast against the bait that you are using or  as a sole hookbait in a solid bag, they are perfect!

The best part about using mini- bitez is the ability to add your very own chosen flavour, allowing you to create tailored mini- bitez specific to the bait you are using or with your long time favourite flavour combos! This process is simple and due to already being dried and ready to absorb flavour, all you simply need is a bottle of your chosen booster spray. Simply give the baits a few good squirts initially, ensuring all of the tiny coloured gems are covered. Leave these to fully absorb for around a week before topping up with another fine layer of the booster.

This tactic is great for creating some alterative hookbaits and small tippers for standard boilies, but with the added addition that they are leaking the exact same potent flavours as the boilies you are using. Many anglers have used the Northern Specials with the fantastic flavours they boast to good effect, so why not incorporate this into some extra small colour fleck baits, just for that added dot of visual attraction.

Mini- bitez are the perfect buoyancy to negate the weight of the hook, which means you are perfectly mimicking the weight and natural movements of those freebies you have introduced. As a result, the fish cannot regulate when sucking and therefore easily distinguish the hookbait from the free offerings.

Mini- bitez are also perfect for use on their own, balanced under the weight of a size 5/6 hook to create a neutrally buoyant bait that will simply fly up into the fish’s mouth when feeding hard over small, lightweight bait items such as pellets.

The variety of colours also gives you an array of options when fishing, allowing you to chop and change to see what is most productive on the day. The small black mini bitez are super effective in crystal clear water and work well over small PVA bags of dark pellet or a bed of Intense Hemp. The pot also contains a number of washed out varieties, which are excellent for tipping baits when fishing for pressured wary fish. The classic fluoro combinations are excellent for early in the season, when a bright, highly noticeable fleck of colour can be what it takes to stop the passing fish in their tracks

If you haven’t tried the mini- bitez you are certainly missing a trick, boost them up in your favourite additives and away you go!

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