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Matt Locketts Mega Winter Haul

Matt Locketts Mega Winter Haul

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Matthew Lockett Winter Haul

After deciding to do a 3 night winter stint on a local southern water, I was pretty excited to say the least and with proven winter form, I knew there was a good chance of a few bites. I chose to fish an area called three- up, where I have done well in the past, so I knew exactly where I needed to be for the trip.

After preparing some bait, a mixture of crushed up Live System and maggots, I went about baiting a tight area at range; a spot I know well and has produced for me in the past. The mix itself contained a good blend of Live System chops and crumb, with the added of the bag mix to really cloud up the water and hopefully draw the fish in.

With 10 spombs of bait accurately cast to the area, I went about preparing my rigs and getting them wrapped up to the area. In general, I like to fish bright baits I the early spring and late winter, something to draw them down to the hookbait fast, so I chose to fish the ever faithful Northern Specials on my chosen Ronnie rigs. Two were baited with pink and one with white, of which I coupled with a small mesh bag of Live crumb.

The session couldn’t have gone any better to be honest and throughout the course of three days, I managed 10 fish, including three thirties and the one they call the small boys hand at a whopping 40lb 15oz. It was certainly a mega red letter session for February and throughout the course of the trip, I kept the area topped up with bait to hold them on the spot.

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