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Learn To Tie The Hemp Hair Rig – Daniel Stacey

Learn To Tie The Hemp Hair Rig – Daniel Stacey

Learn To Tie The Hemp Hair Rig – Daniel Stacey 2.8/5 (57%) 13 votes

Hemp is without doubt one of the best carp baits of all time. Each grain is full of oil and natural vitamins that the carp adore. I’m positive that it’s the oil that makes it so attractive, though. Hempseed is a tiny little bait that also resembles tiny water snails that inhabit the weed. This makes them appear natural.

The thing about hemp is that carp only ever eat it as an offering…NEVER on the hook. Therefore, they can be cagey and almost feed on hemp exclusively knowing that it is safe. How many of you fish with hemp in your spod mix or feed it by hand in the margins? A lot I would guess. But how many of you actually use it on the hair? Not many. In fact, the only lads that I see making an effort to use hemp on the hook are match anglers and their results are mindblowing!

As a result of the heavy loosefeeding, carp can become preoccupied on hemp and quite simply if there was any other bait on the lake bed it could quite easily get dismissed. In this circumstance a hemp hook bait would surely be the way forward?

I’m a fanatical margin angler and therefore witness some amazing things about the way that carp behave…and more importantly feed. When hemp is in situ they will become totally obsessed. They’ll search the swim until every last grain is devoured. It’s that good. At first, I used to try all manner of hook baits; boilies, corn, pellets – you name it, I tried it. Sure, I got the odd bite, but more often than not I’d struggle no doubt because I was feeding it with hemp. It was this that led me into the hemp-ball idea.

I had to find a solution to my problem and mimic the free offerings that the carp loved so much. Somehow, I needed to present a grain or 10 of hemp on the hair. The only way was to form a hemp ball. I’d read a few articles in the past about the use of Kryston Bogey, but in all honesty I didn’t get on with it. Consequently, I started to experiment other ways.

To create this wonderful little hook bait you will require a small section of corkstick, 8mm-10mm is suffice, depending on the size you wish to make. You will need some dry, uncooked hempseeds. Using N-Trap, create a KD rig and slide a section of corkstick onto the hair. For a hook, I opt for a trusty size 8 Wide Gape. I then squeeze a split shot onto the hair to balance the sliver of cork.

Squirt some supergule onto the corkstick and then gradually add each dry seed one at a time. Some tweezers will help in placing each grain. Continue to do this until the whole of the cork is covered in hemp. It takes time, but trust me it’s worth it. Leave the superglue time to dry/harden and eventually your hemp ball will be ready to go!

ccmoore.com/bait-blog/learn-to-tie-the-hemp-hair-rig-daniel-stacey/b-slide-a-sliver-of-cork-onto-your-baiting-needle-2/” rel=”attachment wp-att-10095″>
1. You will require dry hempseed, corksticks, superglue and your desired rig components.

2. Thread a small section of cork onto your hair.

3. Follow with a split shot.

4. Now begin to whip a knotless knot.

5. Take the tag through the eye like shown.

6. Place superglue onto the cork being careful not to glue your fingers. It’s fiddly!

7. Place one seed on ‘dry’ one by one. Tweezers will help keep your fingers away.

8. Create a hemp ball like shown and once dry dip in Miniamino.

ccmoore.com/bait-blog/learn-to-tie-the-hemp-hair-rig-daniel-stacey/b-slide-a-sliver-of-cork-onto-your-baiting-needle-2/” rel=”attachment wp-att-10095″>
 Try using your hempseed hook baits over the real thing and NEVER used unprepared hemp as offerings, just the hook bait! The carp aren’t eating this remember. Good luck, it’s a great method and one I have utmost confidence in.

Dan Stacey

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