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How To Create a Turbocharged Winter Stickmix…

How To Create a Turbocharged Winter Stickmix…

How To Create a Turbocharged Winter Stickmix… 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

<strong>The Turbo Charged Winter Stick!

Winter is the ideal time to employ the humble stick, a small parcel of attraction, enough for a single bite to tempt those often-nomadic carp into feeding. One bite is all it takes in the winter and for this, attraction is key! Many anglers swear by using high- attract pop- ups in the wintertime, some of the tried and tested favourites from over the years.

While these are highly effective, there is no doubting the solubility and attraction that a small PVA stick releases into the water column. Due to the fine powders that are present, the level of leakage and food signals being emitted from a small mouth sized bag far outweighs those of a sealed single hookbait.

To take it one step further, why not combine the incredible flavours of tried and trusted pop- ups into a bag mix, utilising the incredible and powerful attractors of the hookbait, but in a PVA bag form; adding extra punch at what can be a tricky time of year.

The turbo charged PVA mesh bags revolve around the inclusion of those important stimulatory ingredients found within the pop- up itself. These small bags can then be combined with a balanced hookbait, to form a small but incredibly attractive parcel of goodness, with the label of your chosen hookbait.

In water, crumb that is used to make these bags disperses much easier; as the water breaks down the fine fragments, attraction is released into the column, drawing fish down to investigate. The Lactose B+ Concentrate powder, which is used within the makeup of the stick, acts as a feeding stimulant to create a sensory stimulation of taste and aroma around the hookbait.

Making the turbo charged winter sticks is easy and requires only a small amount of the mix to be made up in advanced. These small, but power packed PVA bags only need to be small in order to deliver the necessary levels of attraction in even the coldest of water temperatures.

1. Start with a few handfuls of Live System boilie, these can be shelf or freezer, but only a small quantity is needed

2. Add the baits to the Krusha or blender and begin to crumb

3. Ensure that the crumb is very fine, which allows for maximum dispersion in the water

4. Add a fine dusting on Lactose B+ Concentrate powder to the crumbed mix; this adds a distinctive taste label

5. Give the mix a thorough stir to ensure the powders are evenly distributed

6. Add a few squirts of the match bait booster, enough to slightly dampen the crumb

7. Allow the mix to settle and slightly dry out before creating the perfect winter bag mix

8. Balance your chosen matching pop- up hookbait with a small piece of putty before attaching to your chosen rig

9. Thread the small bag down the link before casting out

10. Finish with one final spray boost





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