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How To Catch Carp On A Short Session

How To Catch Carp On A Short Session

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On short sessions, where we don’t need to go overboard with bait, it’s important to maximize attraction and give the carp something that they want. Feeding little often, strategically placed traps here and there are perfect for nicking consistent bites for the angler that doesn’t necessarily have the most time to go baiting up all week. In a Session Pack, you receive boilies, glug, pellets and pop-ups; everything you need to outwit even the trickiest of carp.

Spruce up your pellets

Although the pellets break down quickly and release a huge scent in the water it can sometimes be successful to give them a little glaze in the glug. This sends out food signals and pumps even more attraction into the water column. Simply pour the pellets into an empty bucket and cover/glaze with the matching additive, which comes complete in the pack. It will create a real rich, oily, powerful attraction and works particularly well if feeding in the edge. As always the pellets also work well on their own or when used inside a PVA funnewelb bag. A little bag of pellets is often just enough of a mouthful to create a pick up. While others are piling in the bait receiving nothing, you can be nicking fish with little appealing packages – less is sometimes more.

Whittle down your hook bait

When using your pellets in a bag, try mimicking them with your hook bait. The best way to do this is to whittle away at the hook bait with a pair of scissors. You can create all shapes and sizes to look like a pellet. A round boilie will often stand out like a sore thumb so this is a tactic that can pay off, especially on waters where the carp have seen it all before. Not only will whittling away at the bait make it more natural, it can also take the outer skin off the bait and allow the powerful feed-inducing triggers of the bait to release quicker, definitely worth a try for your coyer specimens.

Enhance your boilies

Amongst the pack you will find some concentrate boilie dip. This is very deep in flavour, taste and in particular smell. It adds another dimension to the bait and can only enhance its attraction. You can use this additive a number of ways:

Combine it with your free offerings. Simply pour some of the liquid into the packet, give it a quick shake and your boilies will be glazed with goodness, which will leak through the water. To get all the ingredients activated and kickstart them a little, boil the kettle and scald the lot with boiling hot water. The softer the bait the more active it will be.

We have already talked about adding it to your pellet. You can combine it with stick mixes, place in spod mixes, literally anything. Due to the fact that it’s PVA friendly, you can even go as crazy as pouring directly into a solid PVA bag, the options are endless!

There are a number of ways to make your boilies go further. Why not cut them half? Sometimes a halved bait can be far more effective than a round. By slicing one, all of a sudden you have two baits! The halves will sink far slower through the water column, thus settling on any debris and also they can trick wary carp that are used to getting caught on round ones.

Why not crush them to a crumb? Boilie crumb is one of the most appealing things you can present. The natural food triggers are working instantly as they are no longer locked inside a boiled bait. The fish have to work particularly hard to seek and eat the crumb, at times keeping them in the swim. Also the crumb can be used to create PVA sticks or solid bag mixes. Again, there are a number of ways to use a boilie!


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