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Hat Trick Of 30′s – James Hutton

Hat Trick Of 30′s – James Hutton

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<div>I have been experiencing some rather welcome success of late, and feel right in the zone with my fishing. Following on from a recent haul, I was itching to get back to the lake at the Water Park. I opted for a swim that gave me access to the central area of the lake. This was in between shallow and deeper water, an area that I knew produced in the colder months. I cast my rigs to nice, clean, silty spots just to the left of a big weeded. My rig consisted of a German rig, comprising 25lb Trick Link and a size 6 Mugga.

I introduced bait featuring 10mm CC Moore Live System, Intense Hemp, Maggots and Corn.
The weather was perfect with a big south westerly chop, rain and a full moon. I managed several fish  including three fish over 30lb!

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