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CCM VS VASS Review 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

When I first got my hands on one of these garments I knew that I had a new favourite item of angling clothing. As always with Vass, I knew that the material would be tough, and do the job too.

The first garment I got to use in my fishing was the unlined smock, in a black colour to begin with.

The material is unique in that it stretches, which gives supreme comfort and ease when actually fishing; casting, climbing trees etc etc. The smock is totally waterproof, so much so that it has been tested with a firemans hose, basically someone standing there in the coat, being absolutely pelted by a powerful water hose…the result, was a dry angler. Pretty amazing stuff from a smock. The CC Moore versions are far more carpy, in an olive green colour and part of our tribe with the telltale CCM logo, along with Vass.

Fishing a range of big pits means that I constantly get cut in half by strong, cold winds. This smock is also totally windproof, so it keeps off the chill too.

Finally, and one of the most appealing things to me, was that it rolls up so small you could fit it in a lunchbox. I simply roll it up and store it inside the side pocket of my rucksack – you don’t even know it’s there. It’s ideal for both summer and winter use and well worthy of the money, it’s built to last.

The lined version is basically warmer meaning you can happily where it without too many layers underneath. Along with the matching salopettes, they make the perfect combo to keep the moisture and chill off your back. The salopettes also feature those stylish yellow braces that have become so unique to those carpy Vass waders.

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