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Blog 1 – Outfoxing ‘Em – James Fox

Blog 1 – Outfoxing ‘Em – James Fox

Blog 1 – Outfoxing ‘Em – James Fox 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

Angling time for me of late has been short to say the least. Personal problems and work has meant that I’ve spent most of time occupied elsewhere doing grown up things. But, just before all the manicness happened in the spring, I did manage to get a few nights in on my syndicate water and I managed to follow on from my success from the autumn, having a number of fish and taking my tally for the season to over 25 fish in as many nights.

A lot of the members on the water were caught in the same swim, same spot type of mind, whereas I was taking every session as it came. I wasn’t using much bait, 3 Spombs of 15mm heat treated Live System over each rod if I thought they needed it. The majority of my bites came on a Live System bottom bait tipped with a Dairy Supreme pop-up and a 3 bait stringer being cast at any signs of fish.

During the winter, I had a lot of fish topped by a couple of special ones from the lake, one being the fully at over 34lb and also a lovely one eyed common that went 33lb+ too. After catching that common I decided to pull off, sadly the fish I joined the lake for had passed away and I had caught most of the ones I had gone there for.

So, I left with my head held high and planned to head onto a club water a lot closer to home for the rest of the winter and spring. But, with everything kicking off in my personal life with a new job and a missus, I just couldn’t find the time to get down the lake, which killed me a little seeing as all the bigguns were getting caught.

Shortly after starting my new job, the show season came around. This resulted in four weekends of talking everything fishing, bait and going out for a good meal in the evenings. I also ended up in a suspicious gay bar one night haha. Listening to all the customers’ catch reports and working with some of the finest anglers about really got me the bug back and all I was thinking about was getting down the lake.

After the show in Farnborough, I had an open day at Taverham Mill, a lovely day ticket fishery in the heart of Norfolk. We spent the weekend fishing the mills day ticket lake. It is quite possibly the best looking lake in the region, in my opinion. It’s a lake that is run by a good friend Harry Waye-Barker, he’s made a great impact on the lake since taking his new role as fishery manager, taking it back to its old ways and making it one of Norfolk’s premier waters. We spent the day showcasing some of the products we have to offer and talking to the public trying to educate them on how to get the best from all of our products.

It was a very enjoyable day and was made a lot better when we all sat down at the end with a cold beer. We had a lovely BBQ, lovingly cooked by Greasy Grice. During the course of the night, I managed to get three bites, sadly losing one in the snags I was fishing too. The two fish I caught were put in by Harry during a recent stocking. Both were amazing looking little fish and the future definitely looks bright for them. That brings us up to now. Over the next few months I’m going to be chasing a  handful of lovely old carp in a small lake, so hopefully next time you’ll be hearing from me it’ll because I’d have caught her.

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