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Another Wraysbury Original – Ben Stock

Another Wraysbury Original – Ben Stock

Another Wraysbury Original – Ben Stock 5/5 (100%) 3 votes

Well here we are again, two weeks down the line and another UK 40 under my belt, incredible times! It all started on the bank holiday weekend a couple of weeks ago when I managed to slip the net under the awesome “Jacko’s Common” weighing 43lb 10oz on a quick overnighter at the iconic Wraysbury 1 venue.

After bagging her I couldn’t stop thinking about catching another big’un, I kept thinking to myself “imagine catching two 40s in a week” imagine that! So there I was a couple of days later booking my first worknight session, I didn’t know how I’d handle it waking up at 5am to pack my gear up and then make my way to work but I quite enjoyed it. I ended up blanking the Monday and then also the Thursday but I was determined to get another bite so I booked up another 24 for the Friday as well.

I finished work around 3pm then slowly made my way through the huge car park that goes by the name of the M25, I stopped in the little newsagents opposite the RK Leisure tackle shop to get supplies then made my way to the lake, it was only around 5pm when I arrived so I loaded all my gear onto the barrow and had a wander around the lake. I noticed a few fish show off the south east bank near a small island and decided to set up in a lovely swim that goes by the name of “Rocky Barge”.

It has a fair amount of open water to cast to and also a small island at around 27 wraps out to the left. I got my rods out the quiver and started to have a lead about to find some clear spots, 20 minutes or so went by and I found a small firm spot out to the right around 9.5 wraps out near to where I saw a fish show a little earlier, it felt pretty clear but once you pulled back about half a rod length you were into weed. I clipped my rod up then spodded just 3 handfuls of CC Moore Live System boilies over the area, and jumped into the bivvy to start tying my rigs. I made a 6 inch knotless knot rig out of Dark Matter 20lb braid, a size 6 Wide Gape hook, then cut the hair off and added a swivel and hook bead onto the hook. Along the hook link I placed a small piece of putty 4mm away from the hook and added an anti-tangle sleeve to the other end. Armed with a pink CC Moore Northern Special I cast my rig out and was confident it landed sweetly on the spot, my other rod was the exact same set up but was fishing 25 wraps out just off the right hand side of the island.

A couple of hours went past and a few more scatterings of boilies over the spots but still no action so I decided to make some grub, I was just about to stick the food on then I heard a noise and looked over and my left rod was getting pulled off the bank sticks, I managed to get in contact with the fish but shortly after the hook pulled, absolutely gutted!

A few more hours passed and the light began to fade, I stuck one last lot of bait out before bed and jumped in the bivvy for a bit of shut eye. The next morning I was having a cuppa watching the lake debating whether or not to re-cast my rods yet and then just as I was looking out my door the right hand rod has absolutely flew off the rest and got tangled up with my other rod, I climbed out my bed and ran over to try and get them untangled!

What a palaver that was still half asleep. I managed to sort the mess out and was in contact with the fish until it shot down into the weed and wouldn’t budge an inch. By this time Andy Adams was in my swim and we were both trying to free whatever was on the end of the line. We were there for 20 mins or so wondering if there was still anything on the end but every now and then it’d shake its head and just carry on sitting there, at this point I had a feeling it could be something big as it’s exactly what Jacko’s had done to me.

Andy called the bailiff to get the boat round but just as he was coming round the corner the fish come free and I was back in contact, all we could see was this massive ball of weed floating in with something big beneath it. Andy kicked his shoes off and jumped in to net the mystery fish, we pulled the weed back and straight away Andy looked at me and said you’ve got a 40 here boy! We stuck her under the scales and the needle turned to 40lb 6oz, and there I was, stood there in absolute shock that I’d just bagged another UK 40 in the space of two weeks, and what a belter she was, an old historic warrior with a small withered tail and beautiful broken linear scales.

“The Broken Lin” had fallen to my trap, and I’d achieved what I set out to do at the start of the week, what an unreal buzz! I still don’t think it has sunk in properly yet, I’m constantly following anglers in the mags and stuff and wishing I could catch fish like them and now it’s happened to me, twice, just doesn’t seem real!

Big special thanks to Andy Adams for helping me net her, Rupert Whiteman for the cracking shots! And as always, to my cousin Karl, I know you’re looking down on me boy! We’ve done it again!

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