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An Old Winter Scaly – Matthew Lockett

An Old Winter Scaly – Matthew Lockett

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I was targeting a venue in the south known as Northfields for a two night session. I fished a swim known as The Graveyard which gave me access to some calm water at the back of an island. Upon arrival I put three rods out all at different ranges – 40, 60 and 80 yards to see if I could at least receive some liners. My plan was to then move the rods accordingly. Rigs were kept simple, with Ronnies comprising CC Moore Northerns and then a small, golfball sized PVA bag hooked on which was full of crushed Live System. I managed to catch a mirror of around 19lb which gave me hope. I then opted to move another rod into that zone. A few hours later, my efforts were rewarded as the same rod ripped off again. This time the result was a very special old linear which tipped the scales to 25.4.

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