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A Spring In My Step – Adam Mc Ginnis

A Spring In My Step – Adam Mc Ginnis

A Spring In My Step – Adam Mc Ginnis 5/5 (100%) 2 votes

Off the back of landing my second UK forty pounder, I arrived at the lake (and what a busy lake it was too) a week later ready for my Easter weekend session.

Grabbing the bucket out of the boot and surrounded by cars in the car park, I decided I wanted to be in a corner of the lake. The corners of the lake offer snaggy marginal overgrowth; in which I was sure the fish would take sanctuary, away from the angling pressure. Unfortunately, all corners were taken and in particular peg 1, which has great form for throwing up the big girls this time of year. Knowing the guy was leaving a day later, I set up in a swim I knew well and could flick three rods out with minimal fuss. I even managed to do my first night of the year under the stars enabling me to pack up and move quickly to the newly vacant swim.

Once in the new swim, peg 1, I stared at a spot which has good form but is only really accessible to bait boats. I decided I had to get a rig on it. This was made possible by casting a bare lead into the overhanging trees, walking round to the far margin with my rig, removing the lead from the branches and hand placing it onto the spot. I love this way of fishing, it’s exciting, it allows you to be precise and should you be lucky enough to receive a take, you feel you have really earned that bite.

Angler and fish safety are paramount, so prior to fishing such spots, ensure it is safe. Before placing my rig I ensured there weren’t any unexpected “deep holes” or “steep margins” which could pose a threat to me, the angler. I then checked for submerged snags that could cause problems to the fish, all with the aid of my landing net pole. After risk assessing the spot, I proceeded to place my rig. The rig of choice, a “Ronnie rig” mounted with a Dairy Supreme washed out pink pop-up, attached to a drop-off inline and 3ft leadcore leader.

After the rig had been placed, I introduced a couple of handfuls of whole and chopped Live System which had been doused in Amino Blend 365 and Roasted Nut Extract – a deadly combination at this time of year.

With rig and bait dropped on the spot I made the short walk back to my swim and set the rod. My middle and left hand rod were cast further along the snag line and the base of the shelf, respectively.

A steady wind blew into the corner, although cold, it looked spot on for a bite or two. Over the course of the session, I managed four bites, landing three, with two of them coming from the rod which was hand placed.

To say I was pleased was an understatement and it just goes to show effort does equal reward. On top of that, it was one of those rare sessions that saw all three rods produce a bite. Unfortunately, the last take wasn’t to be, as a very powerful fish made a beeline for the snag and as I clamped down and applied pressure, the hook pulled.

All in all I came away from the session, pleased to have caught a few and keep the early season momentum continuing.

Adam McGinnis

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