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A Memorable Trip To Oxland – Jensen Mannings

A Memorable Trip To Oxland – Jensen Mannings

A Memorable Trip To Oxland – Jensen Mannings 4/5 (80%) 1 vote

With not much planned for the next day or so and the pressure dropping radically I had to be at the lakeside. My venue of choice was the amazing Christchurch at Linch Hill in Oxford. The weather was spot on and a big moon was coming! The gear was in the car and I made my way up the M4 towards Oxford. The lake was fairly busy but there was still enough space to drop in and have the chance of getting amongst them.

I planned to fish effectively without the use of loads of bait and to try and drop onto or near feeding fish. After a quick lead about a few spots were found, one in close around 24-30 yards out and the other around 65-70 yards. With the spot clipped up it wasn’t long before I was fishing. With some rigs I had tied the day before, I attached two CC Moore Pacific Tuna hookbaits that I had been soaking for around a week in the matching boilie dip for added attraction.

I matched the hook bait with small PVA bags consisting of hemp, corn and crushed boilie. The bite came at first light with the moon and sun just meeting for the start of the day. I had been up most of the night listening to fish crashing and had only just fallen asleep! It was a peeler of a take and stripped line from the spool right from the start. It then came in close fairly easily and I thought I had won the battle until it went crazy in the margins stripping line and plodding left and right for about 15 minutes until I could feel my arm starting to hurt.  Not long after I finally managed to slip the net under a real long looking old fish, its reflection glazed in the moonlight as it went over the net cord. The needle swung past the magical 30 mark and settled on 34.12 of lean Oxfordshire mirror what a result!

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