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5kg Pacific Tuna Bundle Deal

5kg Pacific Tuna Boilies +1 Pot of Hookbaits +500ml Liquid Food

Choose your Pacific Tuna Boilies and get a 5kg bag with a pot of hookbaits from the list below and a 500ml of liquid food, which has been selected for the way it compliments and enhances the attraction potential of Pacific Tuna Boilies, all for just £52.00 - and that's post free to the UK Mainland too!


Boilie options, choose 1 from:

  • 5kg 15mm or 18mm Shelf life Boilies

  • 5kg 15mm or 18mm Freezer Baits


Hookbait options, choose 1 from:  

  • 15mm or 18mm Air Ball Pop Ups

  • 15mm or 18mm Air Ball Wafters

  • 15mm or 18mm Hard Hookbaits

  • 10x14mm Glugged Dumbell Hookbaits (bottom baits)

  • 13-14mm White Pop Ups


Liquid Food options, choose 1 from:

  • 500ml Hot Chorizo Extract

  • 500ml Liquid Liver Extract

  • 500ml Liquid Belachan Extract

  • 500ml Liquid Squid Extract

  • 500ml Liquid Tuna Extract

  • 500ml Liquid Pre-Digested Fish

  • 500ml Feedstim XP

  • 500ml Liquid Robin Red

  • 500ml Liquid Crab Extract


Bundle Deal Price: £52.00 (post free to the UK Mainland too!)

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