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5kg Live System Bundle Deal:

5kg Live System Boilies + 50g of Bait coating powder + 500ml Liquid Food

Choose your Live System Boilies and get a 5kg bag with 50g of a bait coating powder and 500ml of liquid food, both of which have been selected for the way they compliment and enhance the attraction potential of Live System Boilies, all for just £52.00 - and that's post free to the UK Mainland too!


Boilie options, choose 1 from:

  • 5kg 15mm or 18mm Shelf life Boilies

  • 5kg 15mm or 18mm Freezer Baits


Bait coating powder options, choose 1 from:

  • 50g Meggablend Fruit

  • 50g Meggablend Red

  • 50g Meggablend Sweet

  • 50g Roasted Peanut Meal

  • 50g Tiger Nut Flour


Liquid Food options, choose 1 from:

  • 500ml Amino Blend 365

  • 500ml Roasted Nut Extract

  • 500ml Feedstim XP

  • 500ml Liquid Liver Extract

  • 500ml Liquid Robin Red


Bundle Deal Price: £52.00 (post free to the UK Mainland too

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