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At an inclusion level of 10%, this can be used as a direct replacement for liquid egg. Although it doesn't supply the same protein content as egg albumen, many bait buffs believe it is more attractive to carp. In terms of functionality, whole egg powder will firm baits throughout whereas egg albumen will tend to create a tougher skin whilst leaving the centre moist.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 250g/kg.


Whole egg powder can be used to replace liquid egg by mixing it with water to create your own 'liquid egg'. We suggest using 250-320g of whole egg powder to make 1 litre of liquid egg, but a higher level inclusion will increase the binding potential of the liquid. 


As this is a pure, natural product there may be physical variations between different batches. This is normal and does not affect the performance potential of the product.

by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

Whole Egg Powder Review
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