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This dye has been used with great success in the U.K. and European bait industry and enables companies to give their baits strong, vivid colours that increase the attraction properties of their baits. Its non-soluble nature makes it suitable for inclusion in baits that are used on short or long sessions.

White Bait Dye can be used to colour hookbaits or standard bottom baits and creates a tone which fish find very attractive. It can also be used to brighten baits of another colour. It works particularly well with fruit or nut flavoured baits used in mid and low light conditions and combines particularly well with our own Live System Base Mix.

We recommend the following inclusion levels:

Hookbaits: 30-40g per kg of base mix.

Boilies (standard bottom baits and freebies): 10-20g per kg of base mix.

To increase the concentration of colour in your baits, simply increase the amount of dye added. It is particularly important to remember that, with white dye, dark ingredients will drastically reduce the effect of the dye and may need to be reduced or even removed from your mix in order to achieve the bright tone you require.

Bright White Baits:

White dye has a very chalky texture, which reduces the binding properties of a bait. When used at high levels (30g+ per kg) it make increase the need for more binders to be added to your mix. We recommend the addition of Egg Albumen, Whey Gel, Whey Protein Concentrate or Blood Plasma.

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