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For several years, this beautifully creamy, skimmed milk based powder was missing from the carp bait market, leaving a hole in many good base mix recipes. Since its re-introduction, it has become extremely popular as a source of milk proteins and oils, which adds gentle binding properties to bait, whilst adding a sweet, creamy finish.


As well as being a superb base mix additive, Vitamealo Milk Powder is also excellent as a stick mix additive for gentle binding or as a 'clouding' additive that can be added to particle mixes. Add 100g/kg of particles at the boiling stage for superb results.

Can be included in base mixes at up to 100g/kg.

by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

Vitamealo Milk Powder Review
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by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

"The power of making your own unique baits (part 1)"
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