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This new intense powdered sweetener is incredibly strong, making it a very cost effective option for adding a smoothly sweet taste to any bait item. The key property of this sweetener that drew our attention was its superbly soft sweetening of baits when used at very modest levels. Whilst other powdered products we tested added an almost repellent bitter after taste to bait, Ultrasweet 'grows' on the tongue, leaving a subtle sweetness that all species find very attractive.

Tip Recommended inclusion levels depend on other ingredients in the mix and the initial strength required, but a suitable starting point for inclusion is 0.2%, therefore equating to 1kg of dry mix requiring 2g of sweetener. We strongly recommend using minimal amounts of sweetener and flavours as fish receptors are thousands of times more acute than human's so can detect an attractive sweetness in water even at very low levels. Remember; if you can easily smell and taste a bait then it is probably overpowering for fish!

by Tim Richardson

Saturday 01 August, 2009

"The power of making your own unique baits (part 1)"
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